Jeremy Baker Featured on The Maximum Lawyer Podcast

In this episode, Jeremy chats with Jim and Tyson about the journey of leaving the big law firm and going solo. If you’ve been thinking about making a similar move, this episode talks about Jeremy’s experience, journey, and advice.

4:40 things to do

7:30 tools and resources

10:01 substantive work

13:00 hiring

18:00 clientele

20:05 five years from now

Jim’s Hack: Every dollar is not created equally – sit down and review your various case types to understand which ones offer the most value for the amount of time spent and obtain more of those cases.

Jeremy’s Tip: Believe in yourself, run fast, take some risks and if you make a mistake, course correct but keep moving forward. In the words of Mark Zuckerberg, “Move fast and break things.”

Tyson’s Tip: Check out Alignable, where connections form relationships that become referrals.

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Jeremy S. Baker is an experienced Chicago-based attorney who provides transactional, dispute resolution, and general counsel services to the design and construction industry. He uses creative project structuring and intelligent contracts, plus dispute avoidance and early cost-efficient claim resolution techniques, to help his clients complete challenging projects.

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