Jeremy Baker to Present at ReConnect 2021 AIA Illinois Virtual Conference Thursday, Nov 4th

Title: Anatomy of Indemnity and Copyright Clauses: What Architects Need to Know

Course Length: 45 Minutes 

Course Provider: AIA Illinois

Course Description: Jeremy S. Baker from Baker Law Group LLC will present a course that will examine two heavily-negotiated and important contract clauses: (1) indemnity, defense, and hold harmless clauses; and (2) intellectual property, copyright, and licensure clauses. Jeremy will examine contract language frequently-requested by the architect’s client (project owners), what can make such language uninsurable or unwise, and how architects can propose reasonable compromises.   

Learning Objectives: Include these four:

  1. Explain why certain contract language can imperil professional liability insurance coverage.
  2. Identify why a contractual “defense” obligation can create an uninsurable risk for architects.
  3. Discuss how “owning the copyright” differs from “having a license” to use Instruments of Service. 
  4. Investigate strategies for negotiating “Owner-Architect” and “Architect-Consultant” agreements


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Jeremy S. Baker is an experienced Chicago-based attorney who provides transactional, dispute resolution, and general counsel services to the design and construction industry. He uses creative project structuring and intelligent contracts, plus dispute avoidance and early cost-efficient claim resolution techniques, to help his clients complete challenging projects.

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