Why Choose Baker Law Firm

Baker Law Firm in Chicago, IL

This is a new kind of law firm. Jeremy left one of the best jobs available – partnership at Schiff Hardin LLP, a terrific firm with elite lawyers – to pursue a positive vision of the future, technology, and client service. We aim to set the standard other law firms will try to emulate. 

Client Service – The Core Value at Baker Law Firm

Jeremy’s focus is – and will always be – client service. Your goals are his goals. And your success means everything to him.

How Do Construction Attorneys Help Deliver Successful Projects?

True Focus on Dispute Avoidance and Resolution In Chicago

Jeremy is not just a litigator. He does not prolong disputes to keep busy. He wants to resolve them quickly and cost-efficiently to help you focus on the future. He would much rather write the contracts for your next project, and help you steer it towards success, then waste years litigating your last one.

Technology, Efficiency, and Moore’s Law

The world vastly changed in the last five years. Yet, many lawyers have not. They live in an obsolete 3-ring binder world of pens, paper, and repetitive tasks that cry for automation. They plod along habitually, with a dull awareness that inefficiency means billable hours. They are unaware of what’s new. And these lawyers will be left behind.

In contrast, some attorneys in Chicago are part of a culture that focuses on technology and efficiency. Eager early adopters, they are nimble. They look for what is next. They use lean concepts to eliminate waste. They use artificial intelligence, today. They do not hire staff to perform repetitive tasks, they try to automate them. These lawyers will thrive.

Law practice is at a crossroads. Major change is coming, even for lawyers who resist it. What worked in the last decade will not suffice in the next. Many established lawyers and firms will struggle. Only those lawyers who ‘look up’ from their billable task and ask – is there a better way? – will keep pace with those who do.

Jeremy feels so strongly about the new kind of law firm that will thrive, he and his wife – who is also a former ‘big law’ attorney with a solo law practice – formed a consultancy to help other attorneys: Operation PalmTree.

Baker Law Firm leverages a custom – secure – architecture of SaaS platforms, which share data via APIs to streamline our workflows. When you share information through web-links like contact us, it populates across our entire IT infrastructure. We aim to never type it out again. Our SaaS systems are law practice-specific, robust, widely-used, and secure. Innovation is a key core value. This is a new kind of law firm.

Beware of Imitators

Design and construction law is a narrow specialty. In Chicago, there are few true design and construction lawyers. Maybe a hundred, with a few dozen who set the high standards. Many of them give architects and engineers short shrift by lumping ‘design law’ in with ‘construction law.’

For every true design and construction attorney, there are thousands of others who add ‘Construction Law’ to their resumes after handling one construction defect or injury case. They know little of project delivery methods, good design and construction contracts, or intricate concepts like construction project cost accounting or critical path method (CMP) scheduling, and the nuanced legal concepts which envelop it all and determine who prevails.

Our Real Estate Attorney Partners

Jeremy loves to partner with his real estate lawyer friends! They bring knowledge and value that he does not – because he DOES NOT practice real estate law. He is design and construction counsel. And while it is not universally true, he finds that design and construction contracts prepared by real estate lawyers could be better. He likes to work with real estate attorneys to help them help their clients with design and construction matters.

Why Choose Baker Law Firm?

Jeremy does not aim to replace your regular real estate or dispute resolution counsel. He aims to supplement the important service they provide to you with his design and level of knowledge and experience. Let Baker Law help you solve your challenges and achieve your design and construction goals.

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