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Why Do Certificates of Insurance Have Limited Value in Design and Construction? Why Does Consistency Matter Within a Web of Contracts for a Design and Construction Project? Why Is AIA A201-2017, General Conditions, Among the Most Important Contract Documents? Construction Contracts Primer - What Real Estate Attorneys Should Know How Can Step Negotiations Inexpensively Minimize Brewing Design and Construction Disputes? What Should Architects and Engineers Ask Lawyers Assigned to Defend Them From Negligence Claims? What Should Owners and Developers Understand About Architect’s Professional Liability Insurance? Why Is Pre-Claim Assistance Under Professional Liability Insurance Policies Valuable to Architects? How Can Members of Project Specific Joint Ventures Mitigate Claim Related Losses? What Are Key Accounting Considerations for Project Specific Joint Ventures? How Can Joint Ventures Get Past Mid Project Disagreement Among Their Members? What Should Design Firms Consider Before Entering Into Project Specific Joint Ventures? Why Is the Standard of Care the Only Appropriate Means to Judge a Professional's Performance? Why Should Project Owners Not Over-Rely on a Title Insurer's Review of Payment Applications? How Do You Get Past Impasse In Contract Negotiations? Are Short Contracts Better Than Long Contracts? Should Design and Construction Contracts Allow 'Prevailing Parties' to Recover Attorneys' Fees? Why Are Architects and Engineers Scared to Build What they Design? What are the Five Most Dangerous Words In Design and Construction Contracts? Construction Continuity: Proactivity and Creating Good Facts Using Mechanics Liens to Get Paid: A Primer for Architects in the COVID-19 Era How Do Construction Attorneys Help Deliver Successful Projects? Why is insurance so important in design and construction contracts? Why Can Owners Be Forced to Pay Twice for the Same Construction Work? What Should Project Owners Know before Embarking on a Design and Construction Contract? What Makes Good Contracts for Design and Construction Projects? What Common Mistakes Do Owners Make in Construction Projects? Should I Start Contract Negotiations Using My Own Contract Form? Should Designers' Proposals Have Terms and Conditions on the Back? How Can Owners Motivate Contractors to Complete Construction Projects? Can Owners Prevent Design and Construction Defects? Can Contractors Charge More than Their Written Estimate or Promise to Owners? Can architects help protect owners from construction project problems? Can Architects and Contractors Better the Odds of Being Paid by Owners? Why Are Project Delivery Methods so Important for Construction Projects? Why Are Good Contracts Important for Design and Construction Projects? Why Are Design and Construction Projects so Dispute-Prone? What Risky Contract Terms Concern Smart Architects and Engineers? What Is Your Approach to Negotiating Design and Construction Contracts? What Contract Terms Promote Early, Inexpensive Dispute Resolution? Is Pursuing My Design and Construction Claims a Worthwhile Investment? Why Do Design and Construction Disputes Spawn Years of Litigation? Is Arbitration or Litigation Best for Design and Construction Claims? Can Mediation Help Resolve Design and Construction Disputes? Can a Lawsuit save Me from Bad Design and Construction Contracts Baker Law Introduction

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